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AkashaTheKitty's Fics

Get them while they're hot

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Potterverse fan fiction by AkashaTheKitty
This community is an experiment. We'll see how it works out.

First of all, you know the drill. J.K. Rowling owns the Potterverse with all its canon characters and concepts. I only own my own original characters, concepts and stories. Images used for banners are usually property of Warner Bros. Ent. I do not claim any ownership over any of these things and I am not making any money off this hobby, as my sad, sad bank statement will tell you.

The stories that are posted here will often contain NC-17 material and such things as profanity, sexual situations, violence, torture, angst, rape etc... They will always be clearly labelled and it's your own responsibility not to read anything that offends you, triggers you, or is illegal for you to read. By clearly labelling the stories and placing them behind cuts, I will not be responsible for any illegal actions on your end.

There are no cases of paedophilia. In any sexual situation involving minors under the age of 18, they have reached the age of consent, 16, as it is in both Denmark and Britain, and they are only involved with partners around their own age. These fics are, at this moment, only available to members, and membership is moderated. (NOTE: The astute reader with too much time on their hands might point out that the AoC in Denmark is actually 15 years old, but I do not plan on writing sexual situations with anyone that young - most countries go with 16 and so shall I.)

Do not request membership if those conditions are unacceptable to you.

Please feel free to contact akashathekitty if you have any questions.