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You Change My Mind (7/10)

Title: You Change My Mind
Disclaimer: JKR owns anything that is obviously hers. I own the rest.
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger
Genres: Dark, Post-Hogwarts, Romance
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Dubious Consent, Explicit Sexual Situations, Profanity, Torture, Violence
Overall Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes, your enemy is the only friend you have. Other times, he is no friend at all. When you have absolutely no one to turn to, can you turn to the one who is theoretically the cause of it? Or will he then try and turn you against everything you believe? Birthday challenge.
Length: 7/10 Chapters. This chapter: 1920 words.


His black robes billowing, Draco hurried along the hallways. He couldn’t afford to be more late than he already was. The Dark Lord only had so much patience. Finally, he reached his destination; the grand empty room where Lord Voldemort sat on his throne.

Draco went up before him and kneeled. “You summoned me, my Lord?”

“You are late,” his Master clipped out.

Draco fought back a smirk. Smirking when the Dark Lord was displeased was generally not considered a good career move. “I was dealing with the Mudblood and didn’t want her to become suspicious of my involvement.”

That seemed to mollify the other man. “So things are proceeding after plan, then?”

This time Draco didn’t try and hide his smirk. “Oh, yes, my Lord.”

The serpentine man nodded his approval. “So when will she be ready? I don’t have time for this.”

Draco considered. “Soon. Very soon.”

The Dark Lord nodded and dismissed him with a wave of his hand. Draco got up and bowed to his Master, and then he turned to head out. He had other work to do.

Hermione was pacing and scowling at the door. It had been 11 meals since Draco had left. Thanks, I needed that, indeed. That was just rude. Which was odd in itself, because Draco didn’t strike her as stupid. He knew that she would be furious. Perhaps he didn’t care because it was just a one-time thing from his side, in which case it was all pretty much a wasted effort on her part, since there had been no opening for her to act in during or after that one time.

Of course, he could pretty much say or do whatever he pleased, but she hadn’t missed the way he had responded whenever she took some initiative. He liked an enthusiastic bedmate – that was for sure. It probably helped his little ‘world’s greatest lover’ fantasy along when he was able to get a woman off like that.

Boy, had she gotten off. Which was beside the point. Except, part of what was frustrating her was that she had gotten off. She felt like a whore. She felt worse than a whore; she felt like a traitor. A traitor to herself for enjoying such an intimate act with someone, who would hate someone solely because of the blood coursing through their veins. A traitor to the cause, to the Order and to Harry, her very best friend and their only hope…

Tears stung her eyes and she blinked them away. She didn’t have time to be crying now; she had to figure out a way to get out of here. Waiting for Harry would be fatal if that was what Voldemort had in mind. Besides, she had been here close to two months now. She didn’t know why they hadn’t come yet, but maybe it was too hard to get in. She only hoped that she could take them all by surprise and make it easier to get out.

Or, maybe… She froze mid-step as another thought struck her. Maybe Harry had already tried to get in and he had failed, getting himself killed in the process. No, that couldn’t be. If Harry was dead, Voldemort wouldn’t need her for anything anymore, and the last thing Hermione would be seeing was the business end of Draco’s wand.

She swallowed hard at that thought, fully knowing that he would not hesitate in the least if given that order. Sleeping with Draco had wielded absolutely none of the results that she had hoped for. She hadn’t been able to get a hand on his wand or gain any other physical advantage, and she certainly hadn’t gained a mental advantage over him either.

He still held all the cards and she hated it, but, at this point, there was nothing she could do.

Even though she was anticipating him, it was a shock when her door finally opened. She jumped and swirled to face him. He merely smirked at her and closed the door behind himself, leaning against it.

“So nervous, Granger… Afraid I might do something you like?”

That made her scowl. “Not a chance, Malfoy!” Did he actually enjoy getting her temper up? Perhaps he did. Perhaps he was the kind to enjoy fights. Well, she didn’t have to fake this bit at all.

He raised an eyebrow. “Malfoy, is it? That’s not what you were moaning last I was here…”

“Yes, well, that was days ago, and I’m feeling less… charitable, today.”

“Feeling neglected, are you?” he asked, his smirk widening.

Hermione resisted the urge to growl. What exactly had she enjoyed about sleeping with this guy? “More like less in need of your services.”

This didn’t faze him as she had hoped it would have. “Perhaps I’m in need of yours.”

Her lips tightened in a frown. “You’re mistaken if you think I’ll be willing.”

He pushed away from the door and strolled towards her in a leisurely pace. “You’re mistaken if you think that will stop me… Hermione.”

“You wouldn’t.” She shook her head, not quite willing to believe what she knew to be true.

He reached her and placed his hands on her arms, gently rubbing them. His closeness and innocent caress was making her tingly and short of breath, but she tried her best to feign indifference and not give herself away by retreating.

“I would,” he confirmed, lowering his lips to her ear. “I want you and I know that you want me. You proved that to me last time… If I have to make a pretense of raping you before you feel you can give in, then so be it.”

“It wouldn’t be a pre—“ she gasped as his lips were caressing her neck, his tongue trailing the vein where her traitorous pulse could be gauged. Merlin, but she did desire him. In spite of everything, her traitorous body desired his. As the realization struck, she hated herself almost more than she hated him.

He gently nibbled at the place that had made her gasp, feeling her quick pulse and her shallow breaths as she tried to deny the attraction she felt for him. There was no denying it. It was there. It was tangible. It was making all the blood rush to his groin.

It had been hard to stay away, but he had had to keep his distance in order to prove his control to her and to himself. Yet, now that he was here, he was feeling the control slipping, leaving an all-consuming urge to possess her again. Even as his lips brushed up over her jaw and claimed her luscious mouth, making her whimper and surrender to him, he knew the danger of being controlled by his baser urges in this way. This would be the last time. He had to find another way to make her acquiesce, this plan was going awry.

He had come back again. And again. And again. Hermione had not counted the times and she’d also long since lost track of her meals. She could never stay strong against his advances, and, much as she hated to admit it, sleeping with him was worth it just for the pleasure that he never failed to give her. This irked her almost more than the fact that he never let his guard down long enough for her to do something. Well, until today, anyway.

Hermione slowly inched away from Draco’s sleeping form. She couldn’t believe her own luck. This time, he had actually fallen asleep almost immediately after they had… well, had sex. She had despaired of it ever happening. Although, he had come to visit her more and more frequently lately, it always ended in the exact same way: He got up right after, got dressed and left.

In the beginning, there had usually been some snide remark, but lately he just left. He hardly even looked at her. After last time, she hadn’t seen him for what she had calculated to be about a week. She had thought that maybe he finally had had his fill, until he’d come in tonight, looking exhausted, and had drawn her in and kissed her and touched her with an unprecedented urgency.

She didn’t know what had brought this on, nor would she ever admit to caring, but the fact of the matter was that now he had fallen asleep and she finally had her chance. She moved another inch and froze as he stirred in his sleep. Please don’t wake up, she thought, as she closely watched him for any sign that he’d do just that. He didn’t. Instead he just turned over, away from her. She let out a breath that she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.

She finally managed to slip off the bed and then snuck over to where he’d left his robes. She didn’t dare get dressed just yet. Pulling on clothes would take too long and who knew how long she had? She slowly bent and began looking through his robes, but to her great despair she found nothing. He wouldn’t come here wandless, would he?

She turned around and nearly bumped into something that hadn’t been there before. Her face paled as she looked into grey eyes filled with cold fury. He lifted his hand and backhanded her so forcefully that her lip split and she fell to her knees, a cry of pain and surprise escaping her lips. He took a step forward, grabbed her by the hair, and raised his fist as if to hit her again. She cowered, her eyes wide with fear. He looked at her for a few seconds and then made a disgusted sound, pushing her away. She fought despair as she knew she would never get another chance to get away from him now.

He went over and pulled on his clothes, scowling at her. She slowly began to stand but was sharply ordered to stay down. She didn’t dare disobey.

“Looking for this?” he coldly asked, exhibiting his wand.

Hermione didn’t reply, instead she gingerly touched her bleeding lip and looked fearfully up at him. She’d never seen him this angry before, and she didn’t know what exactly he had it in him to do.

“W-what are you going to do?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“Since my Lord wants you alive, what I should do is leave you there and invite a few of my closest friends in here to have a party!”

Hermione’s eyes widened in horror. “Oh, no, please don’t!” she said, not caring if she was naked on the floor, begging. “I’ll do anything. Please.”

“So that’s what it takes, is it?” he sneered at her. “Months of niceties are lost on you but one single threat and you’ll do whatever I ask?” He shot her a disgusted look. “Have no fear; I won’t risk you seducing them as well.” His jaw clenched bitterly. “But even if you had managed to kill me and get out past the wards, you wouldn’t have made it far. This place is swarming with Death Eaters. You would have been killed on sight.”

Hermione shook her head. “I wouldn’t have killed you,” she whispered.

“And I’m to believe that? From a self-serving bitch who’ll fuck her warden just to get out of here?” He flung her clothes at her. “Get dressed,” he gritted out. “I don’t ever want to see you naked again.”

He slammed the door hard on his way out.

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Tags: character: draco, character: hermione, era: post hogwarts, fic: you change my mind, finished, genre: alternate universe, genre: romance, genre: smut, length: chaptered, pairing: draco/hermione, rating: nc-17, theme: war, warning: dark, warning: dub-con, warning: violence

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