May 15th, 2009

Scorpius + Rose = Passion

Plan B

Title: Plan B
Disclaimer: JKR owns anything that is obviously hers. I own the rest.
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None
Overall Rating: PG
Summary: Late one night, Draco decides to mess with Ginny's head. And more. Written for sortinghatdrabs Week 11. Prompt: Quidditch (must include mention of Harry).
Length: Drabble, 435 words.

“You sit that broom like you’re a bag of potatoes,” Draco Malfoy said as soon as Ginny landed. There went her late night privacy.

“I do not!” He didn’t deserve a better retort than that. She got off her broom and strode past him.

“You do,” he insisted, following her. “Trying to replace that dimwit boyfriend of yours as a Seeker again?”

“While I would love to personally kick your arse again, he’ll do a fine job of that himself.”

Malfoy just smiled too pleasantly as if he knew something she didn’t. “So what’s with the extra training, Weasley? You afraid Potter will realize that you’re really a poser? I wouldn’t worry too much on that account. You see, he doesn’t know an opportunist when he sees one. I do. And I’m impressed.”

Ginny stopped dead in her tracks. “What?”

Malfoy stopped next to her but kept talking. “Being the little sis of his best mate probably helps, but playing the shared passions card is… rather brilliant!”

She folded her arms across her chest. “You’re talking out your arse again, Malfoy. It stinks and makes no sense.”

His smile turned calculating. “Your whole family are in on it too, aren’t they? A Weasley bagging the Harry Potter. I bet your mum is happily anticipating the galleons rolling in. Is she sending you fertility potions to make sure it happens?”

Ginny gaped. Of all the outrageous accusations…! “If I’d wanted to bag someone rich, don’t you think I’d have been better off playing the pureblood game?” she pointedly asked. “Pretending to turn my back on my blood-betraying family in order to fool one of you lot would certainly have been easier.”

His smile widened as if that was exactly the retort he had expected. “Then why don’t you?” he silkily asked and then surprised her by abruptly hauling her closer and kissing her.

In the precious seconds it took her to push him away, Ginny wondered just how her words could have been seen as an invitation. Malfoy looked wounded at the rejection. “Why are you suddenly having second thoughts, Ginny?”

Ginny blinked. What? A flicker of Malfoy’s eyes made her whirl around to see Harry standing there, frozen, before he turned around to leave.

“Harry, wait!” She began to follow but was stopped by Malfoy’s laugh. “Why did you do that?” she asked without turning.

“Because I could,” he lazily drawled. “And because you shouldn’t be betraying your blood. Isn’t it time for Plan B now?”

Furiously, Ginny whirled back around to demand to know what he’d meant by that, but he had already gone.

Slythindor Happy endings


Title: Expectations
Disclaimer: JKR owns anything that is obviously hers. I own the rest.
Characters: Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None
Overall Rating: PG-13
Summary: Al is watching and comparing himself to Scorpius. It's a purely casual interest. Right? Written for nextgen_drabble Week 2. Prompt: Girls.
Length: Drabble, 385 words.

Al was the first to get a girlfriend. Not because he was particularly suave or handsome or even nice, but because there was one girl who happened to fancy him.

It lasted two weeks. Two glorious and very confusing weeks, and then she fancied someone else.

Scorpius might have been a bit slower on the uptake, but he seemed to be better at it. Not only did a girl fancy him, but she was also the prettiest girl at Hogwarts and not nearly as flighty as Al’s ex.

That lasted five months. Inside Hogwarts’ walls, that was an eternity.

One day, however, it was suddenly over. People were wondering why—people mostly being Al—and the story was that Scorpius had wanted more from her physically than she had wanted to give.

Al found that odd, considering that not a month later she was caught shagging someone else.

It was none of his business, though. After all, Al had a new girlfriend too! She may not have been the beauty of Hogwarts, but she was very pretty and nice. And she liked Quidditch. It was almost like having a best mate that would snog him. It was all right, but some days Al wondered if he wouldn’t have preferred her being his best mate without the snogging.

Scorpius, who had always been swaggering before, became quiet after his break-up. He did date a few other girls—he even kissed Al’s cousin Rose, which caused quite an uproar, considering the blood status thing—but it seemed that his touch had slipped. He never even made it to two weeks again.

Al figured that maybe Scorpius missed his ex-girlfriend.

One day Scorpius abruptly cornered Al. “Stop staring at me, Potter,” he hissed. “Stop... watching me! I’m not some... nancy like you!”

Al blushed. Clearly, Scorpius had misinterpreted his curiosity. “I have a girlfriend,” he clarified.

Scorpius just smiled sardonically. “Right. You think of her when you toss off.”

Al’s blush deepened. This was getting personal. “I... I... um...”

“Just admit it already,” Scorpius harshly said. “It’s not as if you have to worry about heirs. But I’m not like you, so forget it!”

Scorpius was right about Al, of course. Al had, however, seen the flash of regret in Scorpius’s eyes as Scorpius turned away from him.

Slythindor Happy endings

Index of Drabbles

NOTE: I do not necessarily define drabble as only 100 words. I do have a few True Drabbles, but considering that most of the other works are written for drabble contests with specific word requirements for each round that often go as high as 500 words, this is where I'll put anything that is 500 words or below. If you are a purist and this annoys you a LOT... well, go complain elsewhere, because I don't really care.


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