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In The Darkness All Cats Are Grey (2/2)

Title: In The Darkness All Cats Are Grey
Disclaimer: JKR owns anything that is obviously hers. I own the rest.
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, OFC/Lucy
Genres: Smut With Substance, Hogwarts Years
Warnings: Dubious Consent, Explicit Sexual Situations, Profanity
Overall Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hermione has a secret assignation at the Ravenclaw dormitories. So does Draco. Seems like they both will get what they want, just not from who they thought...
Length: One-shot. But here a two-shot. Total: 12,475 words. This chapter: 4,753 words

First part is here!

She couldn’t possibly mean anything with that question, Draco quietly berated himself as his whole body screamed for him to take her, to possess her, to come inside of her. It was just her infernal curiosity that made her ask.

“Maybe,” he said. “I don’t really know. But I wouldn’t last long enough for you.”

“How can you not know?” she pressed. “Which is it?” She pushed up against his hand. “Would you hurt me or wouldn’t you?”

He slowly withdrew his hand and then inserted two fingers, making her gasp in surprise and making him tremble when her body clasped his fingers so tightly that he could hardly move them.

“How does that feel?” he rasped. “Does it hurt?”

She shook her head, he could feel the movement.

He withdrew his hand and then tried three fingers, taking care not to scratch her as he very slowly forced them inside of her. So tight. “Now?”

“It’s a little bit uncomfortable,” she admitted. “But still nice.”

He slowly removed the extra fingers. “It might not hurt if I were gentle,” he choked out, barely believing that he was telling her this. “But I can’t be. It would hurt.”

Nice job, mate. For a minute it sounded like she might actually let you bury yourself inside of her and thereby realize your fondest and most well-visited fantasy, and then you tell her that you will hurt her and leave her wanting. After all our hard work.

Shut up!

She was silent.

“Just come for me this way,” he softly said. “W-we’ll do the other thing some other time.”

She would, anyway. With the Weasel.

He would definitely need lots of time in dark rooms with Lucy.

He bent down and swiftly captured her lips again, closing his eyes as he felt her body tremble against his. She was aroused enough to have the same heightened sensitivity as he had. He stroked her tongue with his, coaxing a response from her, and she immediately gave it.

He intensified his touching of her as he let his tongue mimic the movements of his finger and before long, she was gasping and arching up against him, reaching…

He broke the kiss. “That’s it, sweetie,” he moaned against her lips. “You feel so amazing…”

“Stop,” she panted, stopping his hand with her own.

He growled in frustration. So close and she stopped him? Did she live to torture him, to drive him insane with lust and then take away the thing that might slake it a bit?

Ok, her coming would probably stop his need like oil extinguished fire, but he wanted it, damn it. He needed it. He needed to come at the same time as her, to imagine that it wasn’t his finger that her body was convulsing around, to…

“Make love to me,” she said.

He stared. Hadn’t she heard him before? He couldn’t repeat those words again. He wasn’t exactly a noble person – if he were he wouldn’t be here, doing this, stealing passion in the dark in the guise of being her boyfriend.

“I’m close,” she said, her voice shaking. “Really close. If you try to be gentle, I’m sure we’ll both enjoy it.”

He opened his mouth to say that he couldn’t be gentle, that he’d most likely not even make it all the way in before he started coming and that he was then likely to just thrust hard and come harder, no matter what kind of pain she was in.

No sound came out.

“Ron?” she asked.

His eyes narrowed. Why should he care so much about her well-being? That clumsy fool Weasley would certainly not be able to control himself. Whatever Draco did could only be better.

“What are you thinking?” she prodded.

“Hold on,” he mumbled, and drew back to urgently remove the offensive piece of clothing she had made him wear, before lying down next to her.

He felt her shiver in anticipation as his skin touched hers.

“You’re going to have to do it,” he whispered.


“If I do it I will be too violent. You’re going have to straddle me, that way you have more control.”

He tried hard not to think about Granger riding him.

Was there any fantasy he hadn’t had?

“I don’t know how,” she quietly said.

“You sit on me and you move,” he said. “It’s not that complicated.”

Hermione’s throat worked convulsively as she tried to digest what he was asking her to do. She had just thought that he would lie down on top of her and then their bodies would fit together.

She hadn’t thought he would ask her to do something so embarrassing. What if she couldn’t do it right?

Hesitantly, she moved to straddle his belly. He moaned and ran his hands up her thighs. Well, at least there was no doubt that he really, really wanted this.

“I-I don’t…” she said, hating that it came out almost a whimper.

“Scoot down lower,” he whispered. “That’s it… now lean forward a bit… kiss me if you like…”

She did as he instructed and then when she leaned back she found that he had maneuvered it so that she was positioned perfectly for what was about to happen.

This was it.

She hesitated.

“Please don’t stop now,” he whispered. “I couldn’t… I-I know I said I’d hurt you but I don’t think I will. Not like this.”

She heard the desperation in his voice. She could stop now if she wished, but it would be cruel to him. She had asked him to make love to her after he had clearly intended to just touch her. She had asked him to make love to her. She shouldn’t have done that if she wasn’t certain she would go through with it. He was clearly in agony.

But she didn’t want to stop. Somehow it felt like it had to be tonight. Now or never.

She gently grabbed him, eliciting a grunt from him, and then she slowly pushed down…

Draco was grabbing the sheets so hard that he knew his knuckles were white. He couldn’t let go if he wanted to. He was using every ounce of self-control he possessed – and then some – trying to focus his energies on his grip on the bedding and nothing else.

Otherwise he would buck up against her to end his torment.

For a minute it had seemed like she might not go through with it and he had almost panicked. No, he had panicked. Being so close and not having her… he just didn’t know how he would have been able to handle that.

She was lowering herself so slowly, so frigging slowly. Her heat was teasing him, tantalizing him… he needed to be inside her, moving, and she had barely taken an inch of him.

He shivered and a strangled groan escaped his lips.

She stopped.

Dear God, don’t stop!

“Don’t stop,” he rasped. “Please.”

She slowly began moving down again, flexing a bit to adjust to the new sensations.

Draco thought he might very well be going insane.

“You need to go a little faster,” he whispered, a pleading quality to his voice.

“It’s… a bit uncomfortable,” she mumbled. “And I’m already a little sore.”

She pushed down just a fraction and Draco’s eyes drifted shut as he fought the urge to move his hips against her, just a little bit, to feel that tightness around him, completely surrounding him…

“Sweetie…” he croaked, “you need to do it a bit faster.”

“That’s the second time you call me that tonight,” she mused. “You’ve never called me that before.”

“What?” he gasped, hardly in the mood for small talk.


“What do I call you then?”

She stopped up as if thinking and he cursed himself for asking. “Hermione,” she finally said. “That’s all you call me: Hermione.”

He gently pushed up against her, just a little, just enough to make her go on. “Fine, then,” he sighed. “You need to go faster, Hermione.”

“I didn’t say I mind,” Hermione said, pushing a bit lower, making him groan with the sheer bliss of sliding into her. She was halfway down now.

So tight.

“I’ll call you anything you want if you will just move faster,” he said.

Merlin, he would even call her Ron if she would just…

“Anything?” she asked, sounding slightly teasing.

“Anything,” he clearly stated.

She leaned forward until her breasts brushed his chest and her hair tickled his shoulders.

Did she even know just how horny he was?

She bent to his ear and whispered, “My love will do.”

He moaned as he felt her breath on his cheek and he barely registered what she said. When it did register, he swallowed, feeling unaccountably uncomfortable. It wasn’t an unreasonable request from her to her boyfriend.

The problem was he was not her boyfriend.

“Well?” she asked. She had halted her movements.

“My love,” he said, before he could think.

“Did you have a request?” she teased.

“Please move faster, love,” he whispered, hoping she didn’t take too much note of his slight change of endearment. It just seemed less… personal… this way.

Hermione took a deep breath, braced herself against his shoulders and pushed her way down, all the way down. Or rather, she thought it was all the way down until he grabbed her thigh and bucked slightly against her, burying himself to the hilt. He moaned and she cried out with surprise at the discomfort.

“S-sorry,” he whispered. “Didn’t… didn’t mean to hurt you.” He moaned again. “I wish you could feel how wonderful it is to be me right now, though.”

“And I wish you were just a little bit smaller,” she replied with a slight wince.

It wasn’t bad at all, though. She was sore, yes, but she liked the feeling of being filled out.

He laughed a bit breathlessly. “Not that big, honey. Although I appreciate the ego stroke.”

“I thought we established my endearment before,” she teased.

“Sorry… love,” he softly said. “But, you know, you need to move now.” His hands slid up her legs to her waist and then to her breasts and he groaned. “You need to move now.”

“Now, who’s bossy,” she muttered, but she slowly began sliding up, bracing herself on his shoulders and testing her balance.

The motion sparked a whole new set of sensations in her and she moaned low in her throat. His reaction was instantaneous, he stiffened, his hands going back to her thighs, where they grabbed a desperate hold of her. She lowered herself again, this time feeling anything but pain, and the whimper that escaped her was pure need.

“Hermione, love,” Draco choked, “you really need to go faster be-before I lose it.”

She didn’t mind complying. She soon found a rhythm that agreed with her and based on the sounds from him, it agreed with him too. It felt so good. She understood why some people would go to great lengths to achieve this.

She also secretly liked being in control and having a male between her legs that was completely at her mercy. She supposed that might also be why she didn’t mind sucking him off. It gave her a heady sense of power that he was experiencing bliss because of her while she was the one deciding the pace and she could give it or take it away as she saw fit.

She bent to kiss him and he returned it fiercely, setting her even more on fire.

“Oh, Merlin, you have no idea…” he whispered. “You’re my fantasy. I can’t hold back much longer. I’m going to have to rush you a bit.”

Rush me?

She didn’t know what he meant until he moved one of his hands up between her legs and touched her intimately as he had before. Only, this time, it wasn’t a finger inside of her.

The added pleasure was sudden and made her moan out loud as she began moving even faster.

“Yes, love, that’s it,” he gasped. “That’s what I want.”

His gentle rubbing, the hard length inside of her, the hand that moved to her breast to gently squeeze it, the kiss she bent to claim that rapidly turned to devouring… it all built and built inside of her until something had to give and she cried out her release as he thrust up against her, making it even more intense, as she finally convulsed around him.

Draco felt her orgasm around him, heard her moans and cries and felt her shudder and he knew he couldn’t hold back. Swiftly, before she had even stopped coming, while her muscles were still squeezing him – oh, Merlin, she was so tight, how was he supposed to endure those muscles contracting around him? – he lifted her and positioned her under him so he could feel her entire body from head to toe against him, while he took her.

He wanted to take her. He needed to take her.

Without another thought in his mind, he drove into her, again and again, claiming her mouth and her body, and feeling her breasts pressed against his chest, her legs thrown around his thighs, her gorgeous well-kissed lips against his.

“Hermione,” he gasped, just to say her name. “Hermione. Hermione.”

He was coming. He tried to fight it a little longer, but it was no good. He was beyond any kind of thought or control and he just needed to possess her, to bury himself inside of her and let go of all the passion that had built over the last few years.

He felt it in his toes, in his fingers, in his belly. The orgasm was inevitable now. It had started.

“Hermione,” he gasped one last time before he thrust deep and buried his face in her neck, muffling the cry that spilled from his lips, while her hair brushed his cheek.

He had never come this hard. It had never been this good. It had never been this intense.

They said that reality couldn’t compare to a fantasy, but he would have to disagree. Reality outstripped fantasy by a long shot.

Even after his shudders had subsided he didn’t move. He felt too good. He felt more satisfied than he ever had before. He caressed her ear with his lips, then her cheek and, finally, her lips. He would miss those lips.

Then he realized what he had done.

She was a virgin and he had lost his head and been rough with her.

He jerked back. “Are you all right?” he demanded.

“I’m fine,” she softly answered.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I lost it. I’m usually not this inconsiderate…”

“Usually?” she sharply asked, pulling away from him.

Uh-oh. He could let her think that her boyfriend was cheating on her, of course, but it was really only going to upset her, and she’d figure out that he wasn’t Weasley as soon as she talked to the git and found out that he never met her here.

“I meant in general,” he said.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” she asked.


“Haven’t you?”

He sighed. He didn’t really feel he could lie about this. It was stupid of him, he knew. “Yes.”

“You’ve cheated on me?” Her voice was so low that he could barely make it out. And heartbroken.

“No,” he rushed to assure her, because… well, he hadn’t. “It was before, uh, us.” It certainly had been before tonight. In fact, it had been a couple of months since last time. He really wasn’t that active. He didn’t sleep around just because he could, but he did have urges and there were plenty of girls willing to take care of them.

“How can that be?”

“You’ve always been out of my league,” he answered, wryly thinking that that was the case for Weasley as well. “I didn’t think you’d ever want me in this way.”

Not that it matters much either way

“Dragon dung!” she growled. “You’ve known how I felt since fourth year!”

“I lost my virginity in third year,” he quietly said, not even lying. Even then, some of the older girls had been trying to catch the attention of the next generation of Malfoy.

She was silent again.

“I wouldn’t cheat on you,” he softly added. “Please don’t leave this room angry.”

“Hmm,” was all she said.

He just wanted to lie down and go to sleep and possibly repeat what they had been doing when he woke up, but not only were they in someone else’s dormitory and she was angry, but they really should be getting back before they were missed and someone came looking for them.

He sighed and began trying to find and identify pieces of clothing in the dark.

Once they were dressed Draco realized the dilemma he was in. He couldn’t leave with her.

He did some fast thinking.

“You leave first,” he said. “I’ll meet you back at our common room. I have something I have to do.”

She didn’t reply. He got the feeling that she shrugged.

He caught her arm as she brushed past him. “Don’t be mad,” he whispered to her. “If I hadn’t… it made it better for you, for both of us.”

“Yeah?” she bitterly asked. “So how do I range on a scale from one to ten, then? Perhaps an eight?”

“Twelve,” he replied.

“I don’t believe you.”

“You should,” he whispered. “I wouldn’t mind… that is… I-I would give almost anything to have it happen again.”

She shrugged. This time he knew for sure, because his hand was still on her arm. “You’re my boyfriend, aren’t you?” she grumbled. “Chances are we’ll do it again once I forgive you.”

“Yeah…” he said unable to keep the regret out of his voice. He knew he wouldn’t get to touch her ever again. “I can’t wait.”

Lucy was standing at the edge of the Ravenclaw common room looking smug and for all the world as if life suited her. It wasn’t exactly what Draco expected after she had stood him up. He didn’t know what he had expected, but not that.

“What are you up to?” he asked suspiciously.

A small smirk lifted the corner of her pretty mouth. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.

“Where were you? I was waiting for you.”

“Ah… I got detained. So sorry.” She didn’t sound sorry at all.

He narrowed his eyes. “Turns out that Granger had a meeting with Weasley up there and Weasley failed to show as well. Know anything about that?”

Her smirk widened. “Not a thing.”

He shook his head. Lucy was good. She was really good. She managed to keep a pristine reputation, while being notorious for always getting what or who she wanted among those who weren’t afraid to bend the rules themselves.

Of course, Draco knew exactly what kind of person Lucy was. This was why they got along so well.

Apparently, she had had designs on Weasley. Or possibly she still did, depending on how it had gone.

“You owe me,” he stated.

She gave him an appraising glance. “I’m sure we can work something out.”

He shook his head again. “Did it at least pay off?”

She smiled vaguely. “I don’t kiss and tell.”

Which meant yes.

Draco swallowed, feeling an uncomfortable sinking sensation in his stomach. He didn’t know why he should be feeling guilty when Lucy had been the one with the schemes. “Well, good. I’d hate to see my – unwilling, I might add – sacrifice be for nothing.”

She snorted delicately. How that was even possible, he didn’t know, but she did it. “Is that so?” she softly asked. “Took you an awful long time to come down, though, didn’t it?”

He narrowed his eyes again, glaring at her.

“Don’t try that on me,” she calmly said. “I’m not stupid. I know you lust for her. I figured I might even be doing you a favor. So, did you make the most of the darkness? You did, didn’t you?”

Again, Draco was getting this very unpleasant… feeling. She made it sound all wrong. It hadn’t felt that underhanded and cheap. He looked away. “I don’t kiss and tell,” he mumbled.

She positively beamed. “Seems like we both made the most of tonight, doesn’t it?”

She began to leave, but Draco stopped her with a hand on her arm as she was going past him. “Did he at least believe that you were her?”

Lucy frowned in disapproval. “Caring doesn’t become you, Draco,” she replied, shaking off his hand. “She must have been good.”

“Just tell me,” he said.

She pursed her lips. “How is Astoria doing?” she asked, pushing the one button sure to set Draco off.

“You of all people should know that just because I have to marry her when she finishes school doesn’t mean that I will have to date her now,” he growled. “She has nothing to do with this.”

“No, and you certainly aren’t faithful,” Lucy coolly replied. “But it just makes me wonder… why bother caring what happens between Granger and Weasley when you won’t ever be the one reaping the benefits?”

He didn’t have a reply for that and she left.

This was surreal.

Hermione had been thinking about what had happened in the Ravenclaw tower, going over Ron’s strange behavior in her head, and trying to digest his confession.

Somehow, she had just always assumed that he had been a virgin as she was.

How many thirteen year old boys had sex, anyway?

And he hadn’t seemed particularly… experienced… when they had been together in the past. In the beginning, it had taken very little to make him come. In fact, apart from today, he didn’t seem very much aware about anything that had to do with, well, her.

She had assumed that that bit came with having sex.

But perhaps he had only done it once. She hadn’t asked. But he had said usually, which made it sound like he had done it several times and even regularly.


He had been so strange. But in a good way, for the most part. He had made her feel so good, making her first time truly memorable. No, it wasn’t exactly roses and champagne, but that was fine with her. It had been passion, showing her just how good making love could be.

And it could be good.

He thought he had hurt her, when he had suddenly just switched positions and dominated her, but he hadn’t. Not in any way that mattered. Yes, she might be a bit sorer now, but the way she had felt him lose control over his all-consuming passion while he pounded into her, chanting her name… she had felt… needed. Cherished. Even worshipped. No, it hadn’t been gentle, but it wasn’t from a desire to hurt her, it was from a desire for… her. This made all the difference.

If she could just get past the revelation that it hadn’t been as special for him as it had been for her. How could it when he had already had his first time?

It took Ron ages to return to their common room. Hermione was still sitting in a chair, thinking about what had happened tonight when he finally entered.

“I thought you told me to meet you back here?” she said, hard pressed to keep the annoyance from her voice.

Ron jumped. “H-Hermione?” he asked. “Uh… I did?”

Hermione frowned. This was not a good way to start. “Did you go back to the party for some more to drink?” she demanded a bit too sharply for her own liking.

He scowled slightly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Really?” she drawled.

“Yes, really,” he replied. “Why did you stand me up?”

Hermione frowned. She was right here, wasn’t she? “What do you mean?”

“It was fine if you changed your mind,” he said. “But couldn’t you at least have told me instead of just… not showing up? I thought we were more than that.”

“I did show up!” she growled.

Now he was looking confused and for all the world as if he were in denial. “No, no. Your message with the new directions arrived, I followed them and you never showed up. I-instead there was someone else.” He swallowed and looked away as if unable to look at her.

Hermione’s eyes had widened impossibly. “What?” she whispered.

“Someone else,” he mumbled. “Why didn’t you show up, Hermione?” he asked again. “You could have—You should have shown up.”

His pain was palpable. He had done something he regretted.

She had a very good idea what that might be.

Because if she hadn’t slept with Ron… then who had she just lost her virginity to?

And why wasn’t she feeling shocked, horrified or devastated?

“Fuck off, Malfoy!” Ron growled.

Hermione rolled her eyes. Not at Ron, per se, but at the whole situation. It wasn’t really as entertaining anymore as it had been a few years ago and even then it had mostly been taxing. Malfoy was always a prick and Ron always rose to the bait – that was, unless Harry did first. Today Harry didn’t take it first because he wasn’t with them when they ran into the git.

“Better hurry to lunch, Weasel King,” Draco lazily replied. “You’re in charge of feeding your family, aren’t you? Better make sure all the good scraps aren’t taken.”

Ron took a step forward and Draco grinned. Hermione decided she had had enough.

“For the love of—“ she growled. “Grow up, both of you!” Draco opened his mouth, probably to say something about her blood status, but she didn’t give him the chance. “Yes, I’m Muggleborn and you’re inbred,” she said. “We get it already!”

Draco didn’t look very offended, instead he looked positively smug. “Weasel is inbred too!”

Ron snarled.

Hermione made a frustrated sound. “I’ll leave you two to your playgroup time,” she growled before she went off to return a book to the library.

“Our what time?” she heard Draco ask.

“No idea,” Ron replied.

Blessed silence. Hermione knew there was a reason why she loved libraries. The lack of males fighting, for one thing, made it a vastly better place to be. Alas, she couldn’t stay long. She had classes, after all, and she was late. She hurried into the hall, turned a corner, ran down some stairs, turned another corner and stopped dead just short of running into someone.

A blond, grey-eyed someone, naturally. In an otherwise deserted hallway.

Because there really wasn’t any way for the Universe to allow that he not bother her for thirty seconds.

She sighed and waited for the inevitable insult to come.

Instead he just raised an eyebrow and stepped aside.

This was peculiar.

She was just going past him when she noticed his eyes drop to her neck, where her robe had slid just far enough to the side to show the mark she had gotten two days ago. A ghost of a smirk that she really shouldn’t have noticed flittered across his face.

My mark. Don’t hide it. I’ll be watching for it.

She gasped, clasped the love bite with one hand and spun back to face him.

He looked slightly startled as she stopped and stared at him with wide eyes, but he didn’t comment. He didn’t say anything. He just returned her gaze. For a second something flickered in his eyes, but it was gone too soon for her to identify it.

It was him. She just knew it was him. She didn’t know how she knew, but she just did. She could picture his face and his body. It was most definitely him.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he broke the eye contact and turned away. First then did she recover her ability to speak.

“It was you.”

He stopped without turning back. “What of it, Granger?”

“I… we… I… with you.

He turned his head slightly. “No, you did it with Weasley,” he calmly stated. “I was just obliging your little fantasy.”

“Why did you do it?” she whispered.

He shrugged. “Because you were there and I wanted to.”

And then he walked away.

Hermione was left with a few revelations:

Draco Malfoy was the one who had taken her virginity.

She wasn’t really that surprised.

And she wasn’t really that upset that he was the one, either.


Tags: character: draco, character: hermione, era: hogwarts years, fic: in the darkness..., finished, genre: smut, length: one-shot, pairing: draco/hermione, rating: nc-17, warning: dub-con

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