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Playing Games (2/2)

Title: Playing Games (2/2)
Disclaimer: JKR owns anything that is obviously hers. I own the rest.
Characters: Albus Potter, Lily Potter, Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy
Genres: Hogwarts Years, Humour, Romance, Smutless Smut
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Situations, Mild Kinks, Sexual Themes, Unrelieved Sexual Tension
Overall Rating: R
Summary: Rose Weasley accidentally crashes one of Scorpius Malfoy's secret naughty games. Winning this game is difficult, but Rose is nothing if not ambitious. She quickly realises that the consequences of her ambitions reach further than she had first thought, though; now the game won't stop.
Extra Note: This is a faux one-shot, meaning that one day when I have the time there will be more chapters. This is also a convenient excuse for the weird summary. Speedily betaed by somandalicious; elvishly's brain was picked for Briticisms; mazvn had a birthday which gave me a good excuse to try out something new again. And I "invented" a whole new genre that I called smutless smut (yeah, I know I didn't invent the concept). Because sometimes it's not just about sticking it in. Thanks to dollfaced for the lovely and very late implemented banner! Sorry! :)
Length: 7989 words of 17594 words.

Playing Games (1/2)

* * *

Rose's arse was on fire. At least that was how she felt. Ten slaps shouldn't have been that difficult to withstand, but it was the way he kept her waiting and was stroking her before and in-between that made it so much worse. It had been really nice to feel his hands caressing her. She had liked that part. She had wanted to rub against him and purr like a kitten and it had been downright terrifying. She had needed the reminder of his cruelty.

And she had gotten it.

It was worth it, though. Scorpius now looked angry, confused, disgusted and contrite all at once.

She had really done a number on his control, hadn't she? What he hadn't realized was that she might have felt humiliated in the moment, but she was an expert at shrugging off such feelings. She had to be with such a large family. Someone was always out to embarrass you for their own amusement, and bouncing back was a way of surviving. One that she mastered. She might not get off on the pain and humiliation, but she certainly was getting off on bothering Scorpius Malfoy.

She grinned. He stared.

Oh, fun! Her smile widened and his eyes narrowed.

Then he apparently decided to ignore her and flirt with Doxy instead. It was interesting to watch. Doxy was looking ridiculously happy just from a few looks, words and brushing of fingers. Rose actually began worrying that Doxy might get herself in trouble soon if she didn't stop being so bloody naïve when it came to young wizards. Someone like Scorpius wouldn't be flirting at a game like this because he liked the witch's personality. He couldn't be trusted; none of them could.

It was Scorpius' turn and he landed on Knockturn Alley, where the board told him to pick a witch and await instructions. He pursed his lips and looked from one to the other as if trying to decide. Rose rolled her eyes and then rolled them again as he looked back at Doxy with an inviting smile. The two of them had been almost disgusting to watch, and this would probably be at least just as bad. She looked down on her nails instead. Sure, she could use a manicure, but it was still a prettier sight.

"I choose...you!"

At first Rose didn't quite register the silence, but then she glanced up to see that people were looking at her with a variety of expressions on their faces. "What?" she croaked.

"Really, Rose, pay attention to the game," Scorpius admonished. "You were just chosen."

"I was? What about--" She didn't finish the sentence, because Doxy's glare was positively lethal. Really, what was Scorpius playing at? "I don't want to," she then stated.

"You really can't afford to keep passing, Rose," he drawled.

"I'll manage," she replied.

"I'm sure you will, except you can't use a token to get out of Knockturn Alley either and...what do you know, you're out of tokens and out of clothes anyway!"

"Oh. Why not?" She was convinced that her mistrust of Scorpius was only a healthy reaction as was her denial that she was only wearing her underwear.

"Because you can't. Now, stand up so we can figure out what this is and get it over with." He was visibly annoyed again.

Why had he even chosen her? She did stand, though, because she was rather nervous that if she didn't, he'd pull her to her feet and...she just didn't want that.

"Lamont, what does it say?" Scorpius asked.

Lamont bent over the half-globe. "You're to kiss her neck any way you like for a full minute. She's to remain passive."

"What does that have to do with Knockturn Alley?" Rose objected.

Lamont sniggered. "There's something cheesy in here about a vampire and a Veela and an illicit affair. You don't want to know."

She suspected he was right. She opened her mouth, about to make another comment, when Scorpius interrupted.

"Passive," he said. "Think you can handle that for a second, Rose?"

"I think you mean a minute," she retorted.

"I wouldn't be that ambitious," he muttered, stepping closer to her.

Rose looked away, unwilling to register him standing so close to her. So what if he was rather good-looking? He was still an egotistical, manipulative, sadistic prat, who had just now been playing with one girl's affections, only to opt to choose another girl for his turn. He didn't deserve for anyone's heart to beat faster for him. He didn't deserve for those girls to want him. He didn't deserve for her to go all weak-kneed just because he smelled good, had a nice chest, and looked at her as if he really wanted to do this. Of course he wanted to do this; it was what the game was about, after all. His game. A group of people snogging and caressing and stripping down until someone gave in to the pleasure, humiliating himself in front of the rest.

She wished there was a way to make that person be him.

Unfortunately, she wasn't quite that conceited. Considering how long he must have been doing this, there was little room for making him excited enough to be the loser at this late date. Maybe if she had known a few more tricks, but she didn't. It was hard to read what he liked. He'd put on an act, making it hard to tell. All she knew was that he had liked to watch Lamont touching her, and he'd liked to watch her sprawled across his lap as well. So, he was obviously a rather visual human being. That was hard to utilise, though.

He was pushing the hair away from her neck. "Why are you blushing? You aren't shy."

She was well aware that the timer didn't start before he began, and she really, really wanted this to be over. She forced out a small smile and looked up at him. "Maybe it's not from shyness..." she throatily suggested.

She noticed the glint of heat in his eyes before it gave way to suspicion. His hand fisted in her hair and drew her head back. "Stand still, then," he said and bent his head.

Rose tried really hard to think of something else, anything else, than his warm lips exploring her neck. It wasn't supposed to feel this good. It wasn't supposed to make her squeeze her legs tightly together and remind herself to keep them squeezed together after she sat down so nobody would notice just how bloody good it had felt. She desperately cast about for ways to break the effect, to get him to stop. It simply wouldn't do if she turned into another Doxy. He drew her a little bit closer and her mind filled with thoughts of naked, warm, smooth skin. Bad. Very bad. Suddenly she knew what to do.

She laughed.

* * *

Scorpius froze. And here it had been going so well. Her scent and taste, not to mention rapid heartbeat and shallow breathing, had intoxicated him, leading him to believe that this was actually going well.

And now the little bitch was laughing. Probably at him.

He lifted his head. "What?" He didn't even make a pretense of hiding his annoyance.

She waved a hand. "Sorry, sorry, not your fault. It just tickled."

He shot her a suspicious look. She hadn't jumped like before when it had tickled. Still, he could hardly fault her for being ticklish, so he resumed the nibbling of her nick, even though he wasn't quite as into it this time.

It didn't take more than a few seconds for her to start laughing again.

Once more, he stopped, but this time he spoke to Lamont instead. "Add the time."

Lamont nodded. Good. At least he wasn't the only one thinking he wasn't getting his minute's worth.

He rocked back on his heels as she composed herself and gave him an innocent look. He would never trust an innocent look coming from her. "Are you quite finished?" he asked.

"I'm sorry," she said, glancing up at him, no doubt assessing how bad his mood was.

It was bad.

Why wouldn't she take a decent turn with him? She had agreed to play the game, fully knowing who was in it. He wasn't bad-looking and he was pretty good at most of these things after practicing for more than a year. He even wanted turns with her, which was a pleasant surprise, considering that he'd thought tonight would be dull. Yet here she was, constantly seeming to want to sabotage him. This wasn't being coy; it was being spiteful. For some reason, he suspected that she just couldn't stand him and he wasn't even sure why that would be the case. He'd never done anything to her that he could recall, and his reputation wasn't terribly bad. The witches around here knew he wasn't likely to keep interest in any one of them for any length of time, so he was considered Enter at Your Own Risk territory, and, besides, he'd never truly taken advantage of anyone. The last thing he needed was to take some starry-eyed young witch's virginity under false pretenses.

He just didn't understand why Rose would have a problem with him.

"You're pouting," she pointed out, looking as if she might laugh again.

He glared at her. He did not pout. "Time," he balked at Lamont and then he grabbed her, determined to just get the minute over with. He pulled her head back more roughly this time, not caring overly much for her comfort, and then went rather brutally to work on her neck. Since enjoyment was out of the question, he might as well punish her some more. Apparently, she quite liked antagonising him so much that he wanted to hurt her. Apart from a few gasps, he didn't have any problems with her this time, and then the minute was up.

He looked down at the marks but refused to feel guilty this time. She had asked for it. She hadn't wanted for either of them to enjoy it. Besides, they were easily removed with a spell or two.

The most annoying thing, however, was the knowledge that she was going to be the one to make someone lose tonight.

And she wouldn't let it be him.

* * *

Rose was--very proficiently, if she had to say so herself--keeping back a wince as she retook her seat. Apparently when Scorpius Malfoy became vexed, he tended to come down on the rough side of pleasant. It was probably for the best, considering that the stinging kept her from melting into a pile of goo at the thought of his hands and lips on her, but a little part of her just wished she were able to enjoy it without all of this pesky thinking and reasoning. It was just that she rather feared that it would be very enjoyable and then...she would be like Ditzy and Doxy, clamouring for his attentions. It just...couldn't happen.

She had just learned something, however.

She held the power to piss Scorpius off to a degree that he would lose his studied ways.

This might not look like much to the untrained eye, but for someone who seemed to value exercising and exhibiting his control, it was a lot. She could get under his skin by provoking him, which meant there generally were ways to get under his skin. Now, if that challenge wasn't worth accepting.... As long as she kept it a game it would be ok.

Just because she could, she smiled at him.

"Like it rough, do you?" he asked, still looking less than pleased. The problem was that he was so cute when pouting.

"Some of the time," she said, not bothering to tell him that she barely had a clue what she liked. It was none of his business.

"You should have just said so," he said, not sounding like he really believed her. "I could have started out that way."

A full minute of him attacking her neck like that? No, she was glad that hadn't happened. "Maybe next time," she replied.

"By the way..." he said, suddenly looking smug. "If you had wanted out of this--or the spanking for that matter--you could have used the spell cards."

"The--?" Rose looked down at the cards in front of her, shocked to realize that he was right. She had been able to make it out all along by Befuddling or Stupefying him. Bastard. She forced herself to shrug and look at him through lowered eyelashes instead of calling him names. "I didn't mind being a little kinky with you," she lied.

He snorted. "Right. That's you not minding. I'd like to see what it's like when you do mind, then." He honestly seemed bothered by this. Aw, the poor boy probably wasn't used to girls not visibly falling over themselves to snog him or...whatever they were asked to do.

"No," she replied. "You want to see what it's like when I not only don't mind, but really want the prompt."


"I know I do," Lamont piped in and Rose smiled at him. He was being rather sweet tonight.

She languorously leaned back in her chair, knowing that it pushed out her breasts and gave a better view of her knickers. But hey, she was getting used to her semi-naked state and she didn't mind the appreciation in the boys' eyes. Clearly she was not herself, but maybe this other person was a good someone to be sometimes.

"Better get a move on before Rose loses to herself," Scorpius drily commented, making the other girls titter and Rose frown in annoyance. So she was comfortable in her own skin, so what? At least she wasn't faking it like Ditzy had been all night.

Speaking of.... Watching Ditzy removing Damian's trousers with her teeth helped that annoyance a bit. Being prompted herself to do obscene things to Lamont's fingers with her mouth helped even more. Especially considering the way the room went quiet and Lamont was almost violently shaking by the time she was done. It was...satisfying.

Except the part where Lamont seemed to hoarsely ask her out in the middle of her playtime. Rose wasn't sure what he meant by it, since it had clearly been said that everything that happened in here stayed in here, so he shouldn't be doing that. Besides, Rose had a strong suspicion that he'd be expecting more than a peck on the cheek after if she did go out with him, so in the end she pretended she hadn't heard and just continued making him randy. He didn't press her, though, which was good. She wasn't sure what she would have done if he had.

* * *

Lamont wasn't getting an invite back, Scorpius decided. Asking another player out in the middle of the game was simply not acceptable. It brought the game out in the everyday sphere and that shouldn't happen; he should have waited until after they were done.

At least then, Scorpius might not have known about it.

Also, it was not very suave for Lamont to suggest Rose and he go to Hogsmeade together while they were both half-naked and Rose was currently doing very indecent things to his hands.

Things that Scorpius honestly wouldn't mind if she did to him all over.

There was just the teeny tiny problem of Rose not wanting to do a proper turn with him. What she seemed to get off on was rattling and unbalancing him and then laughing in his face when he showed some temper.

It made him want to do some very indecent rough things to her to see if that would wipe the smirk off of her face. Maybe that was what she wanted? It was entirely possible that he was being manipulated in that direction, but if that were the case, she was wasting a lot of needless energy. All she had to do was ask. He wasn't actually very interested in being rough with the girls, he preferred a softer approach, but with her he could make an exception.

When Rose received a wildcard to tell any wizard of her choice three secrets, also of her choice, while touching and kissing him in any way she saw fit, continuing at least five minutes after the secrets were told, Scorpius was fairly certain she would choose Lamont. Damian was looking hopeful and she had been giving him a rather spectacular snog out in the cupboard, but somehow her favourite seemed to be Lamont. This wasn't something that made Scorpius very happy, considering that he wanted her hands on his person bringing him off.

It wasn't very common for him to feel this way at all, but then again, it wasn't very common for girls to be this resistant to his charms. Especially when they had his interest. The last girl that had really caught his interest in any way was Amelia Clarke, another Ravenclaw in their year. She had actually been at his games since the beginning until recently, when she had decided she'd rather date some wanker than participate in the fun. Honestly, the sexual interest had long since waned and they hadn't really been doing turns with each other for a long time, but he had liked her because she had been different, honest, and a good friend. Rose was different to be sure, albeit not very honest, and he wouldn't know about the quality of her friendship, but he really felt like making her respond to him physically.

And wiping that smirk off her face.

Rose snapped her fingers in front of his face and he jumped. "What?" he muttered.

"Now, who should pay attention to the game?" she huffed. "I picked you, you dolt."

He stared. "You...what? Why?"

She looked thoughtful for a second and then waved her wand at his very comfortable chair, making it a little wider. "I wasn't aware we had to explain our choices." She straddled him.

Good God, she straddled him!

He tamped down his excitement. So she had decided to play with him. Ok. "Are you going to tell me about the invisible friend you had as a child, then?" he asked, feigning disinterest in the way she was subtly wiggling, seemingly trying to get comfortable. He would bet everything he owned that she knew exactly what she was doing.

"No. But it's just you I tell, right? Not everyone here?"

"Right," he agreed. "Just...lower your voice when you tell me about your invisible friends."

She smiled and leaned forwards, shifting her thighs in a way that made him grab them, not sure whether he should pull her closer or push her away.

"Fault," Lamont said. "You're not supposed to do anything unless she asks you to." He was obviously sore about not being picked. Hah!

Scorpius reluctantly let go. Then he not-so-subtly readjusted himself with a smirk. They couldn't fault him for that, since getting bits stuck in awkward positions could be rather painful. Rose simply rolled her eyes. She then took his hands and placed them loosely on her waist instead before lightly caressing his bare chest, apparently in no great hurry to tell him her secrets. When she bent to kiss his shoulder, pure white-hot lust shot through him.

"Detect Magic!" he managed to gasp, making her frown at him.

Damian did as requested. "It's clear."

"What was that for?" Rose demanded.

Scorpius was less than contrite and just shrugged. "Just making sure."

"You saying I would cheat?" she asked, seemingly offended.


She seemed to contemplate that and then she shrugged with a grin. "I suppose."

He supposed too, and he had rather hoped it was the case. As it were, however, it just seemed like he lusted too much after her. Considering who he was dealing with, it wasn't very good news. She was much too devious and strong-willed, not to mention smart. There was no way he could actually have her if she had decided she didn't like him. It had been obvious for years that she had decided just that, because she never responded in the least to his smiles. Not that he actually wasted a lot of those smiles on her anymore, but still....

She leaned forward and brought her lips against the shell of his ear. "Do you like my breasts?" she whispered.

Did he! Once he had realised just how much they weren't padded, they had become his newest best friends, even though it had been a pretty one-sided relationship so far. "I don't think I have to answer that..." he murmured, well aware that the way his eyes instantly went there gave him away.

She smiled and then softly said, "They're dark. The nipples. And fairly proportionate to the size of the boobs."

He raised his eyebrows. "That your first secret?"

She shook her head and shifted again on him, making his breath catch slightly. "No...my first secret is that I can come from purely touching and squeezing them...or someone else doing it," she purred.

Damn her if her words didn't affect him a whole lot more than they should. "I don't believe you...." He really wasn't sure he should. Was that even possible? She was just playing with him...wasn't she?

"They're really sensitive. Maybe I'll give you a demonstration sometime," she breathed, letting her lips brush his neck while she was making the most maddening gyrating movement with her hips that could barely even be seen. "Would you like that? To watch me come?" she asked.

Yes, please! He was afraid that if he made any sound, he'd whimper, so he didn't.

She smirked. Oh, how he wanted to get rid of that smirk.

She then bent towards his other ear. "Two..." she muttered. "I can also get off by simply squeezing my legs tightly together. I usually have to do it a few times, but it's all I need."

He made an effort to roll his eyes without simply allowing them to roll back. Her movements seemed to have intensified. "Now I know you're shitting me," he grunted.

"No..." she murmured, nibbling at his ear. "I did it yesterday in Potions. I think the professor knew what I was up to and didn't approve. He made that remark about how I seemed like I had been out running, remember? Merlin, that was a good orgasm."

His fingers involuntarily bit into her waist. He actually did remember, because it had stood out as rather odd. "Why would you do that?" Was that strangled voice his?

She shrugged lightly. "Sometimes I need to relieve some pressure.... I'm sure you step out between classes all the time. I can just do it in class without people really noticing and I find that exciting."

She was an exhibitionist? Oh, sweet Merlin...the images it sparked in his head were entirely too pleasurable. He shook his head. "I...don't...step out." Wow, she was really applying pressure in all the right places with those movements. He was a bit sore, sure, he always was at this point, but she managed to not rub against him in that excruciatingly painful manner most girls employed, thinking it would get him off. This was better. So, so, so much better.

"You don't?" She raised an eyebrow. "Well...I guess your drive must be lower. Don't feel bad. I mean, my sex drive should peak in about 20 years while yours should peak...um, now...." She grinned.

He glared at her. He knew that it couldn't be such a terrible stretch to believe that he took care of matters after school, and she was just mocking him for the hell of it. "Third," he demanded.

She shook her head. "You're not in charge." And then she began nibbling his earlobes, his neck, his shoulders, and even some places on his upper chest. When she teasingly nibbled his one nipple, he couldn't help but buck against her.

"Fault," Lamont calmly said. "Many more of these and you automatically lose, Scorpius."

Scorpius scowled half-heartedly, but resolved to get himself under control. Losing because you continually broke the conditions was not nearly as fun as losing because a sexy redhead was doing excruciatingly naughty things to you, making you lose your control.

"I like this," Rose was saying. "It's fun!"

He bet she thought it was. He was dying, literally dying, from Almost-Naked-Witch-Squirming-On-Never-Ending-Erection Syndrome--of course she would think that was funny.

He didn't really mind, though, as long as she didn't stop. He would hate for her to stop. It felt so damn good that even though he knew he wouldn't get off and he'd be sore for days after, he wanted her to continue.

"You think I'll get off from this?" she whispered in his ear. "From rubbing against you? I could. I know I could."

Scorpius moaned low in his throat and turned his head towards her, hoping she'd get the hint and kiss him already. She didn't, though. Instead she moved her head the fraction back it took for it not to happen.

"Kiss me," he demanded in a voice he hoped was low enough for the others not to hear, but halfway beyond caring if they did.

Her eyes dropped to his lips and she began worrying her own lower lip with her teeth, but she shook her head.

He felt a lot like he was starving and she was denying him a share in her feast. His fingers dug into her thighs in what must have been a rather painful manner. He didn't even remember his hands moving there, but since Lamont hadn't cried fault, it mustn't have been against the rules. She had very nice thighs; soft, warm, nicely shaped, would have bruises after his fingers for days unless she cast a healing spell....

She winced. "Stop hurting me," she whispered. "This is my turn; you aren't allowed to do that."

With a small jolt, Scorpius realised that he had hurt Rose physically in every turn they'd shared so far. No wonder she didn't like them much. "I'm--I'm not actually into that," he stammered, loosening his grip. "You just frustrate me. I want to kiss you. It won't hurt, I promise."

"But you do hurt people whenever they don't give you what you want or they don't have anything you want, don't you?" she muttered.

He stared at her. No, that wasn't how--!

"Third," she continued. "I have a recurring fantasy where I'm studying in the library, and I get up to go get a book and someone approaches me from behind. I never know who he is--he always makes sure I can't see his face and he never says a word--but he takes me against the bookcases or on the tables without anybody catching us and then he leaves. Sometimes I get off to this fantasy while I'm sitting in the library, studying."

She got off everywhere, didn't she? In fact...Scorpius took a good look at Rose's face. She was very aroused, no question about it. It was a part of what made this so great. But suddenly he understood something else--those little movements and her maddening caresses--they weren't as much designed to get him off as to get her off. That was why they were different. She had decided to use him for...what? A sex toy?

She had no idea how much he'd love to oblige on that.

The realisation made another pang of lust go through him and he trembled. Her hips kept moving in that painfully perfect pattern, and he trembled again, gasping for air. His eyes rolled back and he hated the fact that this never got him off. He wanted it to. He didn't want to just bring himself off when he was alone; he wanted it to be the work of Rose.

She whimpered in his ear and Scorpius felt his entire body stiffen. Oh, Merlin, he wanted. But Lamont was time-keeper and he'd stop them any time now. "Can I caress you?" he choked out, almost faint with relief when she slowly nodded. He couldn't not touch her.

Carefully, excruciatingly carefully, he stroked the unclothed parts of her body like he'd seen her enjoy with Lamont. He wanted to touch her breasts so badly, but he didn't want her to stop or ask him to stop or anything like that, so he tried to keep it respectful.

Merlin, that was hard.

She sniggered at him. "That's not what you want, Malfoy; you want to touch my boobs."

Of course!

"Touch me like you want to," she breathed. "Just...however you want to."

He didn't need her to tell him again, but let his hands slide around to her front where he set about to explore her breasts. They had a lovely size and he spent far too long just exploring until he heard her sniggering again. Then he let his thumbs slide over her nipples through the fabric. Her snigger immediately stopped and he smirked. He liked how it all felt underneath his hands, and he was seriously considering if it really could be true that she never would go for anything with him. As for the current situation, he was cursing his own rules that kept him from pushing the fabric of her bra aside and sucking her nipples into his mouth, one after the other, playing with them with his tongue, lips and fingers to see if it really could make her come....

"Stop," she gasped. "Stop now."

Reluctantly, he did.

She pressed against him, her lips against his ear again, but her subtle movements never stopping. "I'm wet," she whispered. "Do you like that?"

He groaned. She must be trying to make him lose, and she was definitely playing dirty. He did like that she was wet, yes. A lot. And he didn't even doubt that she was.

"Here..." she muttered, grabbing one of his hands and slowly moving it between her legs. "Why don't you feel it?"

Oh, God, he could feel it. Without even cheating and trying to get around the fabric, he could feel it. And he also understood something else: She really was going to win. Now.

With his other hand, he grabbed her neck and crashed his lips into hers before she could possibly object. He knew there was a small commotion because he was breaking the conditions again and making a move he wasn't supposed to, but he was coming hard and he needed to feel her lips against his just for that, even if the kiss was hardly the most skilled kiss he had ever given. It was fuelled by blind need, and he was vaguely aware that she tried to pull back, but he wouldn't let her. His entire body shuddered in a way that a part of him had difficulties understanding. But then again, he didn't quite understand why he was coming in the first place. He had had a lot of rubbing happen to him, and it had just never happened before. He squeezed his eyes shut and allowed himself a brief fantasy where they were alone in a big bed and he was buried deep inside of her.

What he wouldn't give.... He was vaguely aware that he was moaning into her mouth and tried to hold the sounds back, but, damn, it just felt so good.

He didn't let go of her until he was done coming. It felt like longer than it probably was, but when his thoughts finally cleared and he loosened his grasp on Rose's neck, he realised that she had gone stiff and was avoiding his eyes.

She didn't like that he'd come?

The thought annoyed him in what was otherwise a very, very satisfied moment. If she didn't like it, then too bloody bad. She'd been the one to make it happen, after all! With her...breasts...and her deliciously wet knickers pressed against his groin and his hand. He hadn't stood a chance.

Considering that he wanted to make this real, however, he should probably not say that. He sighed. "I'm sorry if that made you uncomfortable," he said as gently as he could manage, and then he looked to Lamont. "In case there's any doubt--I lost. Big time."

Lamont raised an eyebrow. "No doubt, just amazement," he assured him, as people slowly began collecting their things.

The game was over for tonight.

* * *

Rose swallowed and tried hard to get her act together so she could do her little bouncing back thing. She had won the game by making Scorpius lose and she should be jumping for joy. It had even been great to have him react so strongly to her words and actions like that. She hadn't quite expected him to come just from feeling her arousal, but it didn't bother her in the least that he had. She loved that part.

But she had already told him that she didn't want to kiss him and yet he'd gone ahead and done it anyway. It had been mindless and deeply sexual, just another erogenous zone getting stroked; she got that.

It was just...he was too easy to like, even when you knew he would chew you up and spit you out and she had not wanted to know what kissing him on the lips would be like. Her lips burned and her heart was pounding and he didn't even understand what he'd just done.

She wasn't sure she understood either.

All she knew was that this was the only actual kiss she had gotten all evening in spite of being in her underwear on the lap of someone she had just made come, and she hadn't wanted it. It had felt strangely intimate and it had made her acutely uncomfortable.

Quietly, she scrambled to her feet and began dressing.

Ditzy and Damian were suspiciously quick to get out of there while Doxy and Lamont both seemed to hang around.

"Why don't you walk Sarah back to your common room?" Scorpius suggested to Lamont.

"Actually, I thought I--" Lamont began.

"Ok, let me clarify," Scorpius interrupted. "Leave. Both of you. Now."

Lamont looked annoyed, but decided to do as he was told. Doxy mostly looked wounded. Good to remember what a bastard Scorpius could be.

"Charming," Rose said, as she was putting on her shirt. "Really charming."

"I wanted a word with you," he said. "Besides, if he wants to ask you out again, he has plenty of opportunity."

Rose's movements froze for a second, but then she forced them to resume. He really hadn't noticed the look in Doxy's eyes, had he? "I don't really have anything to talk to you about," she said.

"I never lost before." He said that so casually, as if it didn't bother him that he'd just come in a room full of people. It probably didn't. This whole thing was crazy.

"I know."

"It felt brilliant," he added.

She nodded, feeling a bit odd about this conversation. "Orgasms often do."

"It felt better than that." His voice was soft. She didn't like it one bit.

Time to go for the curt approach. "You're welcome."

He had gotten dressed and was looking immaculate, not a trace of the ecstasy from before left. "Let's walk back together," he casually suggested.

"Forget it," Rose said, still trying very hard to push her subdued mood aside and finishing getting dressed herself.

"It seems silly to--"

"I'm not sleeping with you," she cut him off, not wanting to play any more games.

"I didn't ask you to. I suggested we walk back together, nothing more."

Rose snorted at his feigned innocence, wondering at why she felt so damn unhappy. "Oh, please. I know boys and I know that look in your eyes. You're just wondering how fast it can happen and I'm telling you: Not at all."

Scorpius looked down at his trousers and then up again with the most annoying grin on his face. "I hate to tell you this, I really do, but I'm much too sore to sleep with anyone tonight."

"I doubt you thought it would be tonight anyway," she muttered.

He looked at her thoughtfully for a few seconds. "Why are you upset?"

"I'm not upset."

"Yeah...you are."

Yeah, she was. "Just...leave me alone." She walked out and began walking rapidly down the hall towards the stairs that would take her one floor closer to her--their--common room.

He followed. "Why? What did I do?" he insisted. "I'm sorry if you didn't intend for me to lose, but it seemed like you did and it felt so damn good; I'm not sure I could have stopped myself even if I'd wanted to."

"That's not it."

"Then what?"

"You--" She cleared her throat as it threatened to close up. This was so stupid. "You had no right to snog me like that after I told you not to!"

He stopped walking and grabbed her arm to force her to stop too. "You're upset because of a kiss?"

"You had no right," she repeated.

He looked genuinely confused and who could blame him? "I'm sorry. I didn't know it would be that big of a deal. I just thought you were teasing me."

She bared her teeth and jerked her arm free. "Because men haven't been using that excuse for centuries."

For a second his eyes went harder, but then he managed to hide the reaction. "I am sorry that you didn't appreciate the kiss. I don't blame you, really, I wasn't putting much thought into it. But I don't understand why you're this upset about a bad kiss considering everything we did in there."

Because it hadn't been bad. Because it had made her heart pound, her head spin, her toes curl, and her knickers inexplicably wetter, and he hadn't truly been along for that ride because he had Ditzies and Doxies everywhere he went and it was nothing special to him, just friction on his lips and tongue to make his orgasm better. It made her feel used.

"I don't like being forced." She knew she wasn't making much sense, but it was the best she could do.

It seemed to make sense to him, though, because suddenly he grimaced. "Oh, Merlin, you're right. I did force you. I even knew it. I'm really sorry, and I promise not to do that again. It's just...I wanted to ask, but I was afraid you'd say no, and that just makes it worse, doesn't it?" He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, actually looking distressed. "I don't know what happened to me tonight, Rose," he murmured. "It's not me."

She decided it was another one of his acts. "It's all right," she said. "It was just a kiss after all."

He glanced at her. "It's not all right. You think I'll hurt you--physically, I mean--if you let me touch you again."

Oh, right. So he wasn't acting; he was just sorry because it stopped him from getting what he wanted. He was selfishness personified. "Don't fret. I really was never going to let you touch me again, even if you hadn't been rough."

He moved closer to her, and alarm bells went off in her head, but she couldn't budge. There was no way she could show fear now.

"Why not?" he asked in a low voice. "It would be really, really good, I promise. I haven't been this excited about anyone in a long time and I know you feel it too. In fact, I know you didn't get off in there, probably because of my stupid mistake, and I could make that up to you...."

"I thought you said you were too sore," she said, raising an eyebrow.

He grinned. "I am, sort of, but there are many things I could do to you that I bet you'd like...."

The way his breath tickled her cheek and ear was doing funny things to her. She mentally slapped herself. She knew better than this.

"Right," she said, finally stepping back, "but that's not going to happen."

"Give me one good reason why it shouldn't, Rose."

"I'm a virgin," she said, inwardly cringing, but otherwise showing all the pride she could muster. "And I'm going to stay that way until I can find someone I actually want to date."

"You're--?" His eyes flickered for a second. "No."

Her jaw fell open. "No?"

"Yeah, no way can you respond to three blokes like that in one night and talk about getting yourself off in public and with strangers in the library and still be a virgin and...and what about the underwear?" He shook his head. "You're lying to discourage me."

Rose just stared. She had had no idea that only non-virgins were allowed to buy nice underthings or masturbate and have erotic fantasies. "Right. Well. It should tell you something if a girl is willing to lie to get rid of you," she pointed out instead of arguing her side.

Scorpius was such an arse.

* * *

Scorpius was such an arse.

He cringed. He'd known the very second he had spoken those words that they were insane and unjustifiable. Not to mention bigoted and hurtful. He really, really, really didn't understand what had happened to his suave ways tonight. Maybe he should just go to bed and pray he'd be better tomorrow, because this wasn't working. She wasn't accepting his proposal to have a little more one-on-one time and it was driving him nuts. He'd gladly settle for getting her off, because that would make for very good wank material for later, but she wasn't going for it.

And who could blame her, the way he'd been acting tonight? She was probably completely revolted by him by now and he didn't know how to make it better. Even though he hadn't thought they'd known each other particularly well before tonight, she still knew him too well to buy any of his lines.

She was walking away again and he panicked, grabbing her arm, but making sure his hold wasn't too tight. "Wait!"

"What?" she looked annoyed and also slightly nervous. Was she afraid he'd hurt her? The thought made him dizzy. He'd never physically hurt a girl in his life.

"Can I at least give you a better kiss?" he quietly asked. Personally, he had loved the other kiss, but in retrospect it really had been quite obvious that she hadn't felt the same. He just wanted to show her that he could be gentle.

She looked positively terrified. "No!"

"It won't take long," he promised, wincing a bit at how he was begging some witch for a kiss.

"Will it make you go away?" she asked, looking wary.

He reluctantly nodded.

"Ok, fine. But quick so we won't get caught. My detention schedule is full."

He heavily exhaled, not quite feeling like he was given much of a chance here, but nevertheless complying. He gently pulled her close, and this time he took care not to force her, but to just use a hand on her neck to guide her. She seemed hesitant and it was as if she had to force herself not to move. It was all in all very discouraging. Still, he closed his eyes and tried to make the best of it, gently moving his lips over hers while caressing her cheek with his thumb. He could feel her pulse beneath his fingers on her throat, and the way it seemed to speed up encouraged him to try and deepen the kiss, but then she was suddenly gone, standing a few paces away.

"That's enough," she announced, visibly out of breath. "You proved your point."

Hardly. He nodded, though, while quickly processing what just happened. It seemed like she was attracted to him, but she didn't want to be. She had reacted just now and she had reacted while they were playing the game, but her behaviour was a pure knee-jerk reaction, because...he didn't actually know why, but her reasons were probably silly. He could eventually have her if he did it right. Carefully hiding his joy at that revelation, he slowly smiled at her.

He could have her.

* * *

Letting Scorpius kiss her again had been a bad idea. A bad idea. Rose had known it at the time, and, now, three weeks later, she knew it even better. He had sensed her fear and, whatever reason he'd subscribed to it, had decided that he could make it go away.

It was difficult at best.

Especially considering just how much she had enjoyed that kiss. She really should never have allowed it, because she now knew exactly what Doxy had felt when it had been her turn to kiss Scorpius. She just had to keep reminding herself how Doxy had probably felt at the rejection afterwards.

Damn. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

In a fit of desperation, she had agreed to go to Hogsmeade with Lamont, making sure that he understood that this didn't mean she would get naked with him, but Scorpius hadn't had problems finding a date of his own. That had been...odd. Scorpius had mostly seemed amused when they'd run into him. Rose had considered snogging Lamont in front of him just to see if that would annoy him at all, but at the last second her common sense had intervened, preventing her from making a spectacle of herself.

The worst bit was that he was so damn nice to her. It wasn't fair. She would rebuff him more violently if it weren't for the fact that Al seemed to be very much bothered by Scorpius having his lunch with her every day. She liked to bother Al. So did Scorpius. Why did they have to have that particular thing in common? It made too many things into perfectly viable options.

It was painful. Just...painful. And she had to act like it wasn't affecting her at all.

At least Al was also bothered that she'd gone on a date with a Slytherin.

Lamont seemed to think that most of this was just Scorpius paying attention to the winner, but Rose knew better. For one thing, he'd kept it up for more than the allotted week. It was true that he hadn't had any more games since he had lost, but he still shouldn't logically be doing it for more than one week. For another, she was painfully aware of how much effort he put into charming her without actually stalking her. In fact, Rose bitterly thought, he seemed to be perfectly able to be treating more girls at once to his special attention. She should be happy that he was so obvious about it because it kept her from buying into it, but...she supposed she wanted to believe something different.

Which was why she was reconsidering her stance on boyfriends and considering Lamont for the part. He really had improved a lot in her eyes lately, and, strangely, he didn't seem put off by her whenever she was self-confident and outspoken (what Al referred to as 'arrogant' and 'bitchy'), when most other people seemed to be.

The only thing keeping her back was that Lily told her that if she was in doubt, it probably wasn't right. Since when had her younger cousin become so wise, anyway? But she didn't need for it to be right, she just needed for it to...be.

And now...here she was. Three weeks later, at breakfast, with an invitation in her hand.

From Scorpius Malfoy. To play a Game.

Tags: character: albus severus, character: lily luna, character: rose, character: scorpius, era: hogwarts years, fic: playing games, genre: humour, genre: next-gen, genre: romance, genre: smutless smut, genre: ust, length: chaptered, length: one-shot, pairing: rose/scorpius, rating: r, status: hiatus, status: wip, warning: mild kink, warning: sexual situations

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